Encinitas Financial Center
Encinitas, CA 17,000 sq. ft re-use of an existing 60's bank building with
a new attached residential unit connected to a central parking plaza and
a new office/residential buillding.
Soledad Creek Building
Del Mar, CA 3500 sq. ft. renovation/addition to existing residential
building to create a mixed use commercial/residential building. Daniel
Jensvold, owner. 858-481-2212
B&B Communications
Encinitas, CA 3500 sq. ft. 2 story office/residential building.
Renovation/major additions to a 1930's bungalow providing corporate
offices. Gary Bulkin, owner. 760-942-2800
Solar Turbines Recreation Center
Wells Fargo Bank
Sedona Cultural Park
Yavapai College, Sedona Campus
The Cliffs at Oak Creek
Sedona, AZ. Original 23-acre Master Plan, 250,000 sq. ft. (building area)
mixed use commercial/hotel/restaurant complex.
Southwest Inn at Eagle Mountain
Alma de Sedona
Old Marketplace
Osho Plaza
Sedona Station
Echo Canyon Winery
Creative Life Center
Miller Bros. Office Building.
Kayenta Pueblo
Arroyo Sienna
Miller Brothers Properties
Rio Rico
Polo Portugal
Wilson Arch
South Bay VW
Metro VW
Adobe Inn
San Diego, CA 2 acre recreational center for a manufacturing corporation
Various locations throughout Southern California. 2500-8000 sq. ft. each.
Remodeling /renovations of existing bank branches to provide handicap
accessibility to bank services, including parking, new entrances, teller
lines, offices and restrooms. Gary McGuire 619-688-2864
Sedona, AZ 52 acre cultural facility with 5000 seat open-air
amphitheater, exhibition grounds, Arts village, trails, etc. Dan Schay
19,000 sq. ft. digital multi-media educational facility, with central kiva and
outdoor learning terraces.Keith Harwood 562-498-0565
Scottsdale, AZ 43 unit resort hotel located on a natural desert mountain
slope. 31,000 sq. ft. Joel Gilgoff 520-282-4166
Sedona, AZ 12 room hillside bed and breakfast. 120,000 sq. ft. Ron
McCarroll 928-774-8448
Sedona, AZ 6 acre mixed use retail & lodging development.
Approximately 80,000 sq. ft. 52 room lodge, 12 room inn, movie theater,
grocery store, restaurant and miscellaneous retail space. John D. Miller
Sedona, AZ 15,000 sq. ft. office, retail and restaurant center David
Levine 928-282-3755
Sedona, AZ 5200 sq. ft. art gallery and plaza at Los Abrigados Resort.
Carol Fox 928-203-9921
Page Springs, AZ 20 acre winery and vineyard. Approximately 10,000 sq.
ft. wine-making/tasting facility. Jon Marcus 520-282-1975
Sedona, AZ Approx. 10,000 sq. ft. spiritual retreat center. Shirley Caris
Sedona, AZ 4500 sq. ft. office building Ben Miller 928-282-57893
Sedona, AZ 9000 sq. ft. mixed use office/residential building Stephen
Thompson/Daniel Jensvold 928-282-4025
Sedona, AZ 12 unit hillside residential development 20,000 sq. ft. John
Griffin 928-282-714
Sedona, AZ 17,000 sq. ft. 24 unit resort consisting of cliff pueblos and
historical renovation, with single family residences & offices on a hillside
site. Eric Umstattd 928-282-6400
Sedona, AZ. Masterplan & conceptual design of mixed use 60 unit
residential units, restaurant & retail. Brent Hickey 602-954-6300
Sedona, AZ Master planning of 20 acre commercial/residential mix.
Duane Miller 928-282-5783
Rio Rico, AZ. Conceptual masterplan & design of an approx. 600 acre
recreation/resort/residential development integrated w/ golf course. Bill
Oliver. 602-955-9190
Lisbon, Portugal. Masterplan of a 650 acre polo complex w/ hotel, single
family residential estates, polo fields & stadium.
Masterplan of a 350 acre community w/ residential & commercial
elements. Phil Glaze. 520-282-7978
National City, CA. Addition & remodel of an auto showroom for VW USA.
5000 sq. ft. addition Rudy Erm, Sr. 619-336-4020
San Diego, CA. New entry portal and remodeling to an existing dealership
7800 sq. ft. Jonathan Halberg
Sedona, AZ 19,000 sq. ft. 15-unit bed and breakfast development Stuart
Berman 928-284-0612