Principal:           Daniel Jensvold, Architect

A top graduate of Arizona State University College of Architecture in 1974, he is a
registered architect in California and Arizona. Work experience has included periods in
Phoenix, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; and San Diego, California, with commercial and
mixed-use projects throughout the Western U.S. and Europe. Mr. Jensvold has recently
completed a design-build office and residential project in Del Mar exhibiting his
commitment to urban planning and indigenous design. He has been the recipient of an
AIA Design Award for a planned residential development, also in Del Mar. He serves on
two task forces of local planning groups concerning traffic and community planning
Associate:        Jason Florence, B.Arch

Jason is a graduate of the architecture program at Woodbury University, San Diego 2002.
He has been with the firm for five years and has developed professional skills in design,
construction drawings and multi-media applications including 3-D animations and
PowerPoint.  He is currently in the process of taking his professional license exam and
working as an assistant professor for the structures program at Woodbury University.
Associate:      Rolando Volbeda, B.Arch

A graduate of the Architecture program at Woodbury University, San Diego in 2002. He
previously worked for a firm in the Los Angeles area and now brings experience in the
areas of construction documents and project management for both commercial and
residential projects.  He has been with the firm for four years and is well trained in the
latest versions of CAD, 3-D rendering, and other presentation media.
Jensvold Associates is an Architecture/Planning firm established in 1981, providing
innovative design and cost efficient solutions to a wide range of clientele with diverse
requirements. Offering a "nature-based" approach to planning and design; energy
efficiency, climatological factors, natural site features, and sociological determinants is of
prime consideration. Our goal is to satisfy aesthetic, functional and economic needs
while preserving and enhancing the natural environment. In addition to hand-drawn
design and architectural graphics, production work is performed through CAD. .
Jensvold Associates has received design awards from the San Diego AIA for a Planned
Residential Development in Del Mar, as well as from the Downtown Encinitas Merchant
Association (DEMA) for  various mixed-use projects.